Limited to 210 pairs

These mid-top boots are inspired by the original playground: the basket-ball court. A reinterpretation of the iconic 70s silhouettes with a luxe flair.
Available in three different colors, this is also our first approach to the Collector's world. Everything is unique, and every item inside the box has a distinctive detail.
The most exclusive model we've ever developed, a one of a kind piece that celebrates craftsmanship.

Atlas White-Red
Atlas White-Red €240.00 EUR
Atlas White-Black
Atlas White-Black €240.00 EUR
Atlas Dust-Blue
Atlas Dust-Blue €240.00 EUR

Since our planet is everyone's playground, we made one rule – a fair game, minimizing impact. So we used the most sustainable materials we could source. The finest leather, with low-impact and environmentally friendly tanning processes, designed for long term durability, paired with the world's most comfortable and natural soles – Made by LACTAE HEVEA® from hevea milk, these soles have an alveolar microstructure for extra comfort and durability and each pair takes around 3 weeks to be ready.