Atlas goes off court. A low top approach with high expectations. Leave the game behind and make your way into your everyday life.
Sporty inside, minimal look outside. A business meeting, a casual lunch or just scrolling around the city – they are your after match.
With the same very praised soles as the Limited Collection, the most natural in the world – all made from Hevea Milk, by Lactae Hevea.
Leave the court behind but keep playing as you want.
JAK Atlas Low. Drop the game.

Atlas Low White €195.00 EUR
Atlas Low Dust Blue €195.00 EUR

Since our planet is everyone's playground, we made one rule – a fair game, minimizing impact. So we used the most sustainable materials we could source. The finest leather, with low-impact and environmentally friendly tanning processes, designed for long term durability, paired with the world's most comfortable and natural soles – Made by LACTAE HEVEA® from hevea milk, these soles have an alveolar microstructure for extra comfort and durability and each pair takes around 3 weeks to be ready.