Smooth Leather Care

  • Step 1 - Deep Clean

    After removing the laces and the removable innersoles, brush your sneakers with the horsehair brush to remove any dust particles. Once you're done use a damp cloth or JAK's premium sneaker wipes to clean any excess grease or dirt. Allow the sneakers to fully dry before nourishing.

  • Step 2 - Nourish

    Lightly coat your JAK cotton cloth with Famaco Mink Oil and apply it to your sneakers in soft circular motions. Then allow the sneakers to fully absorb the product for about 10 minutes and before finally removing any excess cream with the horsehair brush.

  • Step 3 - Final Touches

    Pair your freshly clean shoes with a new pair of organic cotton laces and fit JAK's Spring Cedar Shoe Trees to help preserve the  original form of the shoes and absorb all the moisture.