Suede / Nubuck Care


A complete maintenance kit to restore your Suede or Nubuck JAKs to their original look.
Package includes Famaco Goome Net eraser, Famaco Vel Vel shampoo and a JAK bristle brush.

+Care instructions

Start by brushing your shoes with the clean dry JAK brush to remove any dust particles.
To remove any stains, water marks or soil from your suede/nobuk JAKs, gently rub the leather with Famaco Gomme Net.

To completely clean and renew your suede/nobuk sneakers, apply small portions of the Famaco Ver Vel using your JAK brush in soft circular motions. Ensure that you cover your sneakers' entire surface and then finally remove any residue with a damp cloth.

Allow the sneakers to fully dry. To keep the nap looking smooth, comb it using the clean dry JAK brush. This will restore its fibres and give back its original look.

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