Our customers deserve to know who makes their products as much as each of the artisans we share our days with deserves to be referenced. Here’s the list of the main factories and suppliers we are lucky and proud to work with.
  • Footwear Factory

    Location: St. Maria da Feira, Portugal
    Foundation: 1979
    Employees: 60
    Capacity: 400 pairs / day
    Specialty: Sneakers
    Back in 2014, when JAK was nothing but a project on paper with a handful of drawings and the ambition to make a couple hundred sneakers, the Silva family opened their doors and took on the challenge of guiding two inexperienced founders through the process of building the first JAK prototype, which quickly turned into 20 rounds of samples, that were ultimately the stepping stone for JAK's birth with the launch of the Royal Collection in December of 2014. Together, we've tested hundreds of different approaches on construction, design, materials and sustainability. Today, each year, they produce over 10.000 pairs of sneakers for JAK.
  • Tannery

    Location: Alcanena, Portugal
    Foundation: 1963
    Specialty: Leather
    From the Portuguese "leather district" Alcanena, this tannery is a national reference for anyone involved in leather based products in Portugal. A family business that never stoped investing in modernisation and sustainability during its 60 years of existence. Besides their wide range of products, amazing service and availability, they do so using 100% renewable energy, their own wastewater treatment plant and working only with byproducts from the food industry, while being REACH compliant and obviously Leather World Group certified.
  • Tannery

    Location: Vicenza, Italy
    Foundation: 1950
    Employees: 640
    Capacity: 30,000 hides / week
    Specialty: Leather
    They've been around for more than 70 years, making sustainability its guiding principle. Over the years, from the first hand-built wooden drum, this tannery transformed itself into a remarkably well equipped and modern leather manufacturer, with worldwide recognition. Amongst a wide range of product, environmental and system certifications, they are a Leather Working Group Gold member, OEKO-TEX certified and ICEC certified for only obtaining traceable leathers from identified farms. Their entire leather transformation takes place within the Veneto Leather District, they use 100% renewable energy, they recover over 98.5% of their by-products and over 90% of waste by means of recycling and direct re-use.
  • Sole Factory

    Location: Felgueiras, Portugal
    Foundation: 1991
    Capacity: 20.000 pairs / day
    Specialty: Injected Rubber
    After 3 decades of sustained growth and continuous modernisation, this family owned business is the largest injected rubber soles factory in Europe. From design to finishing, they are a one-stop-shop serving their customers with over 500 collections and 2500 molds in stock. Their ambition in being amongst the best, spans beyond size, service and quality, towards sustainability as they re-use 99% of their waste and incorporate bio-waste and recycled rubber in their production.
  • Clothes Factory

    Location: Barcelos, Portugal
    Foundation: 1987
    Specialty: Knitwear
    While supplying some of the world's leading fashion brands with state-of-the-art garments, they remain truthful to their humble origins as a family owned business. The fact that 5 of the 8 founding team members still work there today, illustrates what a healthy and ethically driven work environment should look like. Their service, which includes an experienced team of modelling designers, an R&D lab and sourcing department focussed on sustainability, an attentive to detail quality control unit and an incredibly available commercial department, offers an unparalleled guarantee of satisfaction. Their certifications include OEKO TEX, GOTS, Textile Exchange and Ecocert Greenlife.