Defy Simple, that is our claim. Everyday we try to become a new and improved version of ourselves, a constant work in progress, learning from past mistakes, listening to our customers, reaching to our suppliers and finding ways to deliver an apparently simple product and business. This is our story.

An Exercise in Defiance

Every pair, every piece, is an attempt to rethink simplicity.

That’s why we keep researching ways to innovate essentials, either through new designs or new resources, respecting the environment and everyone in it.

We also like to defy the ways businesses like ours are supposed to operate. We don’t follow seasons and we don’t have sales. Instead, we create timeless, genderless pieces that guarantee mindful satisfaction, as opposed to mindless consumerism.

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An Independent Project

Founded in 2014 by us, Isabel and José Maria, and based in Lisbon.

We started with a clear objective: offer premium products at a fair price. Today, we are redefining what premium means. We want to keep creating unquestionable quality items, at the fairest prices, without cutting any corners. For us, it is this simple: quality, care and fairness.

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Completely Crafted in Portugal

Completely crafted in Portugal, in family-owned factories that have been around for generations.

We’re also fortunate to work with people as passionate about materials and design as we are, so every new model represents an extensive collaborative process between tireless perfectionists.

We hand-pick our suppliers and their facilities to make sure they follow a strict ethical code.

JAK Story Crafted in Portugal

Sold with Care

Through an integrated online & physical store experience.

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At a fair price

Our business model is designed to ensure that we can forever produce sustainably, providing our customers the best quality, durability and quality control possible, while retailing at a fair price.

This is also the reason why we don't do sales or seasons. A fairly priced, high quality product does not lose value after 6 months.

Reputable Raw Materials Sourcing
Fair Manufacturing Costs
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We hand-pick our suppliers and their facilities to make sure they follow a strict ethical code and the safest industry production standards.

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