We firmly believe that it is possible to live more sustainably, consuming less and making better choices, for us and for the environment. Since 2014, on a daily basis, we question (and change) what goes into our products, where it comes from, how it is transformed and by whom. That is how we add value, that is how we make an impact. Here's the list of the most important materials on our products.
  • Leather

    We source leathers from Portugal and Italy, and only work with tanneries certified by the Leather World Group that comply with REACH regulations. We make sure our hides are sourced and tanned responsibly and sustainably and that we know where they come from, always as a byproduct of consumption with less impact on the environment and no harmful chemicals.
  • Organic Cotton Knit

    Certified GOTS organic cotton, sourced in India and Turkey. Knitted and dyed in Portugal, Barcelos by NGS Malhas according to the best in class sustainability practices, low water consumption and environmentally friendly dying processes. Your can find this fabric on sweaters.
  • Organic Cotton Canvas

    Woven and dyed in Alicante, Spain and made of 100% GOTS organic cotton, this breathable and washable fabric presents the perfect combination of sturdiness, flexibility and softness. We use it on the uppers of our vegan sneakers Glove.
  • AppleSkin™

    From Italy, near Florence, Mabel Industries takes apple cores and peels and integrates them into a 550gr/sqm material with the same mechanical resistance as any other synthetic fabric. Made of up to 24% apple and 19% cotton. Each Kg of apple residuals used to substitute PU, saves 5,28Kg of CO2.
  • onSteam® Microfibre

    A vegan alternative where we needed a high performance material. Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified and sourced in Arnedo, Spain. Incredible moisture absorption, 100% breathable, quick drying, ultra-soft feeling and Hypoallergenic. You can wear these linings from Moron without socks, all day and you can find them on all our vegan sneakers.
  • SBR ECO Rubber Soles

    Sourced in Felgueiras, Portugal and made by Bolflex. These SBR Rubber soles incorporate up to 70% recycled rubber. They match a perfect balance between comfort, abrasion and flexibility resistance for a long and durable usage.
  • Leather Midsoles

    Vegetable tanned leather midsoles. Only natural oils are used tanning this high quality cow leather. They age well, breathe better and perfectly adapt to your feet overtime. Sourced in Portugal.
  • Cork

    Cork is a 100% rapidly-renewable and recyclable natural resource and we use on base of all our sneakers. Cork is made of suberin cells, which are filled with an air-like gas that makes 90% of its volume. Cork is the perfect insulation material for shoes with added hypoallergenic & anti-fungal properties.